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Litgloss: what it is

Litgloss is a collection of texts of literary or cultural interest, written in languages other than English, and expertly annotated so as to facilitate comprehension by English-speaking readers. The project was initially undertaken with funding from the University at Buffalo, and furthered by a generous grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Texts are available in many languages. MORE...
Litgloss users

Use of Litgloss is open to anyone with an Internet connection. Texts in the public domain are freely available, and copyright-protected texts are restricted to classroom use at UB, or at other educational institutions via password access by arrangement. UB students accessing restricted texts from off campus should log in through their VPN connection.
Building Litgloss

Litgloss began with funding from the office of the Provost of the University at Buffalo to prepare one online text, and soon grew to eleven texts in four languages prepared by students and faculty in the then-Department of Modern Languages & Literatures. The number of contributors eventually reached more than 80, and included faculty from a variety of institutions as well as graduate and undergraduate students.