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Listen to a BBC archive recording of General DeGaulle's June 22nd call to arms.

The conditions of the armistice imposed on France by Germany are documented on the web site of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Ample documentation is available from the official web site for the Charles de Gaulle Institute, from which photos here have been borrowed.

This web site, though a bit dated, has good information and interesting photos from the liberation of Paris.

On this web site, devoted to the French resistance, you can see many photos and read original documents from the period of the occupation, including the transcript of Maréchal Pétain's address to the French people (advocating cooperation with the Nazis).

Visit this web site for a fascinating account of the Alfred Hitchcock's effort to support the French resistance.

In 1971, Marcel Ophuls made a long and powerful documentary about Paris under the occupation. The film received support from Woody Allen. For a review of The Sorrow and the Pity, click here.

The posters at left were the work of Jean Carlu, a French artist whose efforts on behalf of the French and Allied forces were well known and whose work continues to influence poster design even today. The top image comes from this web site, while the lower image is borrowed from this web site.

Here is an image of occupied Paris, with Notre Dame visible in the background:

Barricade in Paris

Here is an another image of De Gaulle with troops:

Barricade in Paris

De Gaulle in front of the Arc de Triomphe:

De Gaulle in Paris