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Litgloss: what it is

Litgloss is a collection of texts of literary or cultural interest, written in languages other than English, and expertly annotated so as to facilitate comprehension by English-speaking readers. The project was undertaken with funding from the University at Buffalo, and is now supported by a generous grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Texts are available in many languages, and more texts are added every month. MORE...
Litgloss users

Use of LiTgloss is open to everyone who has an Internet connection and a fairly recent browser. Texts in the public domain are freely available, and copyright-protected texts are restricted to classroom use at UB, or at other educational institutions via password access by arrangement. UB students accessing restricted texts from off campus should log in through their VPN connection, or else contact Litgloss for a password. MORE...
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Building Litgloss

LiTgloss began with funding from the office of the Provost of the University at Buffalo to prepare one online text, and soon grew to eleven texts in four languages prepared by students and faculty in the then-Department of Modern Languages & Literatures. Contributors now number in the eighties, and include faculty from a variety of institutions as well as graduate and undergraduate students. Guest contributions are gratefully accepted, and do not require any technical expertise. Anyone interested may contact Litgloss to set up the contribution of a text. MORE...
New and in-the-works at Litgloss

There have been several recent contributions to Litgloss in Hungarian, German, and Hindi. Thanks to NEH funding, the project will undertake a collaboration with scientists at UB's CEDAR research facility whose newly developed OCR tool should enable rapid expansion of the collection in several languages. Incorporation of images in the annotation boxes, tested in Flaubert's "Saint Julien l'hospitalier", is being incorporated in the new Flash interface. Click here to see the work flow diagram for the new version of the site. MORE...
Litgloss wish list

LiTgloss needs language/literature experts to annotate texts, and other experts to help vet submissions and check for errors. No technical experience is required for annotation! Native speakers are needed for recording .mp3 files of the texts. We particularly welcome specialists in underrepresented cultures such as African, Native American, Middle Eastern, and Central and East Asian cultures. Following the example of the Suda Online Byzantine Lexicography project, we have put in place a way of accepting and vetting contributions from a widely distributed network of committed volunteers. MORE...